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If you are injured in a road accident in Queensland, you will usually be entitled to recover damages to compensate you for the impact your injuries will have upon you. Compensation after a motor vehicle accident could include loss of earnings, medical and rehabilitation expenses, cost of care you require, and for your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. 

The Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 regulates Queensland’s compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance scheme. The scheme enables anyone who sustains personal injuries in road accidents to recover compensation from the at-fault party for their injuries. 

Who can claim compensation for injuries sustained in a road accident?

When we refer to a motor vehicle accident, most of us think about collisions involving two or more motor vehicles. This is the most common scenario for motor vehicle accident claims. 

However, there are also other incidents that may lead to injury, entitling an injured person to claim compensation where a collision between two vehicles has not occurred. For example, if you sustain injuries by taking evasive action due to the negligence of somebody else or in circumstances involving an out-of-control or defective motor vehicle, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Effectively, a CTP motor vehicle accident claim may be made by:

  • drivers of not-at-fault vehicles (car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents etc), whether or not the driver is the owner of that vehicle;

  • passengers, whether or not an injured passenger is related to an at-fault driver;

  • pedestrians;

  • bicycle riders;

  • motorcycle riders (and pillion passengers); and

  • immediate family members of individuals who are fatally or seriously injured might also be able to make a claim for "nervous shock" they suffer.

The important thing is to seek legal advice from a lawyer experienced in Queensland motor vehicle accident claims as soon as possible to find out what your rights are to recover benefits and compensation. 


What compensation is payable after a motor vehicle accident claim?

There is a range of benefits and compensation available if injured in a road accident.

Loss of income – weekly payments

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to recover lost earnings due to not being able to return to work because of the injuries that they sustained in the accident. This can be a substantial amount, especially if the injuries will adversely affect their ability to earn income into the future.

Medical and rehabilitation expenses

Medical and like expenses can quickly add up after a motor vehicle accident. It doesn’t matter if you have private health insurance to cover some or all of the medical expenses; this is still a very important aspect of any claim for compensation following a motor vehicle accident. Depending on the nature and extent of the injuries sustained in the accident, these expenses can add up quickly and sometimes continue well into the future

Domestic and carers help

Again, depending on the nature and extent of injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident, sometimes the injured person will require assistance from family and/or friends in relation to everyday tasks and activities. If such assistance is significant, then the injured person will be able to recover compensation for such care they have received. This can also be claimed into the future.

Pain and suffering – lump sum compensation

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident (which is due to someone else’s negligence) is entitled to recover compensation for the pain and suffering and adverse impact their injuries have had upon them. It doesn’t matter how minor the injuries sustained are, they are entitled to an amount of compensation, based on the nature and extent of the injuries they suffered in the accident.

Be aware of strict time limits for motor vehicle accident claims

In some cases, attributing legal responsibility for a motor vehicle accident can be a technical process, and strict time limits apply for claiming compensation. 

You also need to be careful that you do not ‘sign away’ your rights to the compensation you deserve and accept a lesser amount. Insurers will always make an early offer to non-legally represented claimants to settle their claim. The amount they offer may seem quite tempting, however, there is every prospect that the claim might well be worth much more than any offer made by a CTP insurer if you are not legally represented. 

Obtaining legal advice from an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer is critical to ensure your rights are properly protected and you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for the injuries you sustain in a motor vehicle accident.

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A person injured in a motor vehicle accident is usually entitled to an amount of compensation for the injuries they sustain. But going it alone against the insurance company is typically not the way to go. The law that governs how much compensation an injured person might be entitled to is complex, and getting proper legal advice about what you’re entitled to can often be one of the more important things you do.

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