Disability Insurance Claims

If you have an injury or illness which is preventing you from working, you may be able to claim insurance entitlements that can provide you with lump sum payment or cover most of your lost wages. This insurance may be held inside your super fund(s) or outside super in personal insurance policies.

Disability insurance types

If you have been injured or been diagnosed with an illness that prevents you from working anymore, you may be entitled to claim the following:

Total permanent disability (TPD)

Income protection benefits (IP)Most Australian workers will have TPD and/or IP insurance, usually inside their super. TPD, terminal illness and death benefits are paid as a lump sum benefit. A Death benefit (life insurance claim) will be paid either to the estate of the deceased or to a nominated beneficiary.

Income protection is paid in regular (periodic) payments for loss of wages/other income (in certain circumstances) while temporarily disabled or impaired. Income protection payments are usually paid as a monthly benefit.

Get help from a disability insurance lawyer

At Cameron Hall Compensation Lawyers, we’ve helped many Australians claim benefits through their insurance policies. Whilst claiming through these policies can appear to be relatively straightforward, often they can become quite complicated especially if the insurance company seeks to delay and frustrate the process for the disabled individual.

Having a lawyer on your side, looking after your interests, can usually be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim.

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