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Whether you're sick or injured or you're a survivor of childhood abuse, and you're entitled to compensation, going it alone with the various compensation schemes often only adds to the stress and exhaustion of your condition.

It's understandable that an insurance company's interests are not the same as yours. They look to reduce the compensation payable. We look to maximise what you're entitled to.

Engaging an experienced and empathetic lawyer driven to get you all the compensation you deserve is crucial to delivering a successful claim.

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Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, the importance of a survivor’s right to appropriate compensation was recognised in every state and territory in Australia.

Changes in laws governing the ability of survivors of child sexual (and serious physical) abuse to seek compensation for their very significant injuries mean that every survivor now needs to get the right legal advice from our child abuse lawyers about making a claim for the compensation they deserve, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

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Worker's Compensation Claims

Queensland | Northern Territory | Comcare

Worker's compensation is aimed at supporting workers who are injured (physical and psychological injuries), aggravate an existing condition, or otherwise become ill (e.g., dust diseases) while performing their work duties.

Every Australian worker should be covered by worker's compensation in the event of workplace injury.

Our highly experienced lawyers can assist you with claims in the state-based worker's compensation schemes of Queensland and the Northern Territory and also the federal scheme, Comcare.

Our primary focus is on you, the injured worker, and maximum any compensation you're entitled to.

Worker's Compensation Claims Queensland

Worker's Compensation Claims Northern Territory

Comcare worker's compensation claims

Disability Insurance Claims

TPD Claims | Income Protection Claims | Death Benefits

If you have an injury or illness that is preventing you from working, you may be able to claim insurance entitlements that can provide you with a lump sum payment or cover most of your lost wages. This insurance may be held inside your super fund(s) or outside super in personal insurance policies.

Most Australian workers will have TPD insurance, often inside their super, and some will also have Income Protection insurance. 

We’ve helped many Australians claim benefits through their insurance policies. Having an experienced lawyer on your side, looking after your interests, can usually be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim.

TPD Insurance Claims

Income Protection Insurance Claims

Death Benefit & Terminal Illness Claims

Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Have you been injured and want to know your rights to personal injury compensation?

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It costs you nothing to find out precisely where you stand.

We have significant experience and expertise in all types of injury compensation claims, including for injuries and illnesses, physical and psychological, which occurred as a result of:

  • workplace accidents;

  • motor vehicle accidents;

  • child sexual abuse;

  • medical negligence;

  • public liability – slips and falls; and

  • TPD and income protection claims.

Whether your claim is minor or significant, we’ll work with the same vigour, dedication and determination to get you all the compensation you deserve.

We take a client-centric approach to your personal injury claim, treating you with dignity and respect rather than as a number in a pile of files.

We provide “No Win, No Fee” services which means that we will usually accept personal injury matters on the basis that we only get paid if you are successful in recovering compensation for your injury/illness.

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Significant changes proposed for worker’s compensation claims Queensland

Significant changes proposed for worker’s compensation claims Queensland

We look at a raft of proposed changes to the law that applies to worker’s compensation claims in Queensland, and their impact on injured worker’s rights and entitlements. Overall, it is our view that the proposed changes are a positive step for workers who suffer a workplace injury in Queensland.
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WorkCover lump sum compensation claims Queensland

WorkCover lump sum compensation claims Queensland

If you’ve had a workplace injury in Queensland and you have been paid statutory worker’s compensation benefits like weekly payments and medical expenses, then you may also be entitled to what is called a ‘lump sum offer’ from Workcover Queensland.
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Failed worker’s compensation common law claim alleging aggravation of schizophrenia

Failed worker’s compensation common law claim alleging aggravation of schizophrenia

We review a Queensland case where an injured worker sought worker’s compensation common law damages. The worker alleges an injury to his head aggravated his pre-existing condition of schizophrenia. The common law claim ultimately failed.
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Common law claims vs the National Redress Scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse

Common law claims vs the National Redress Scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse

There are two compensation options available to survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Australia. They are the National Redress Scheme (‘NRS’) and a civil common law claim. The compensation payable under each option varies significantly. Learn more detail about each option.
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